Santa Fe Habitat for Humanity is constantly looking for affordable land on which to build. We have often found ourselves in the position of having chosen families, but not having any available land on which to build their homes. Land in Santa Fe continues to be the largest expenditure when building a home.
In addition to property donations or in-kind gifts, we are also interested in purchasing properties, being mindful of our modest nonprofit budget. We are looking for standard-sized properties to advance future building projects. We build high quality, affordable housing with award-winning energy-efficiency innovation and structural design. Our simple, energy-efficient home designs are flexible and vary dependent upon the lots we acquire. Our nonprofit has the capacity to build two-story houses on smaller properties or we can subdivide larger lots.

Santa Fe Habitat’s Property Wishlist:

  • Properties located in the City of Santa Fe / Santa Fe County
  • Properties that are close in proximity to one another to keep our construction projects centralized
  • Lots dedicated to the construction of affordable housing 
  • Developers looking to fill Affordable Housing Requirements
  • Developers seeking New Mexico Affordable Housing Tax Credits, which will give half of their donation back in the form of tax credits, up to 2 million dollars through the Mortgage Finance Authority Program

Property Donation Perks:

  • Benefit from our Tax Credit Program, where you receive a tax credit voucher equal to 50% of your total donations. These credits can be applied to State taxes.
  • Santa Fe Habitat is a preferred partner, awarded this tax credit by the Mortgage Finance Authority. We present unique tax credit opportunities, in addition to the tax benefits that the majority of nonprofits offer. Click here to learn more about these credits. 
  • Construction developments need to dedicate a 20% requirement for subdivisions to affordable housing – let us help you fill that requirement!
  • Support a good cause to help build affordable housing for low-income families in our community.
  • We are a nonprofit, encouraging the local construction economy, community, and businesses to source our contractors and materials

We hope you will consider donating properties to Santa Fe Habitat or spread the word to the community to help us keep building! Please contact Kurt Krahn at (505) 986-5880, ext. 109 or if you are interested in donating properties or would like to learn more about the ways donating can help you, through our Tax Credit Program.