Habitat Homes

Santa Fe Habitat for Humanity constructs affordable houses that are simple, high quality, and energy-efficient, through the cooperative efforts of Partner Families, volunteers, donors, and staff. 

Since our nonprofit’s inception in 1987, Santa Fe Habitat for Humanity has built over 127 homes locally for families experiencing housing inequality and impoverished living conditions. Our housing projects are made possible by generous donors and community members who have donated their time by volunteering. Our award-winning home designs are simple, smart, and thoughtfully-designed to fit each unique family.  

Santa Fe Habitat won the 2020 National Habitat for Humanity Design Award for best home design. In 2020, our nonprofit was presented with the Piñon Visionary Award for Net Zero Energy construction and innovation in energy-efficiency.  

We believe that energy-efficient homes should be accessible to all and are committed to green building. 

Commitment to Green Building

Santa Fe Habitat homes are powered by all-electric appliances. This reduces our carbon footprint and eliminates natural gasses from the homes we build. By using all-electric appliances, LED light bulbs, and water-saving appliances – we are doing our part to ensure our Partner Families save energy and eliminate carbon emissions! Additionally, our homes are extremely well-sealed, which minimizes the amount of heat and air conditioning escaping the house to maximize the efficiency of household appliances.