“Habitat for Humanity not only builds homes, it also builds friendships and confidence while strengthening families and promoting inclusion and diversity within our community,” said Paco Arguello, Santa Fe Habitat’s newest Board Member.

Paco is the Chief Executive of the Santa Fe Association of REALTORS® and has worked at the organization for 25 years. As a native Santa Fean, Paco has deep roots in the community and has served in different leadership roles to improve the community; he officiates with the New Mexico Athletic Association, acts as the Treasurer of the Board of Directors at his church, and participates in the Risk Management Issues Committee for the National Association REALTORS®.

Paco offers a unique lifetime perspective in the local housing industry through his leadership in real estate, volunteerism at Habitat for Humanity, former electrical apprentice, and high school job working at Empire Building Supply. He understands the multifaceted housing landscape in Santa Fe, from low-income housing to multi-million dollar homes and the critical need for more affordable housing. “I see that Santa Fe has become very expensive. There’s a huge gap in housing affordability, the median home price in Santa Fe is above $500K,” said Paco. Skyrocketing housing prices have been exacerbated by the pandemic. Paco described that since Santa Fe is a desirable place to live, during the pandemic, many people have moved here which has sparked an even higher demand for housing. 

During his time repairing homes and doing electrical work, Paco saw that simple repairs can often lead to a catastrophic series of financial losses and instability for folks who don’t have the financial means to get back on their feet. Sometimes, one must choose between fixing a roof, paying bills, and buying food. Paco said, “I love that Habitat allows lower income individuals to do everything they need to with an affordable mortgage payment.” Paco has seen the impact of Santa Fe Habitat’s home repair and homeownership programs in the community, such as Habitat families who were able to move up in their jobs, raise their families, and thrive with the help of housing security. 

Entering this position as a Santa Fe Habitat Board Member, Paco will lend his expertise, proactive listening, and leadership to the organization. He trusts the work of committees and staff, and is here to help at whatever capacity the organization needs. Paco values community and is motivated to support our mission to help families who work in Santa Fe, to afford to live in Santa Fe. “I just want to help my community and do everything I can. I think everyone should take time out of their daily routine to help out, however they are able,” said Paco.

A warm welcome to Paco Arguello. We look forward to working alongside him to advance housing equality in Santa Fe and to strengthen the community by making affordable housing available to low-income families.