We love our donors who make Santa Fe Habitat’s mission possible.

Thank you for considering a donation to Santa Fe Habitat for Humanity.  Each gift you make helps a family in need of decent shelter. All Santa Fe Habitat donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law, and will be acknowledged with a letter you may use for that purpose. Online donations are safe, secure, and will be put to good use by Habitat. Many other giving options are available. We take our responsibility to contributors and to those counting on our help very seriously, endeavoring to be wise stewards of all funds entrusted to us.

We raise all our funds locally and receive no funding from Habitat for Humanity International. We support the efforts of Habitat for Humanity International by tithing 10% of all donations, unless the donation is restricted to be used in Santa Fe County.

You may also mail your donation to us at 2520 Camino Entrada, Ste. A, Santa Fe, NM 87507 or call Marilyn Perryman with your credit card information.

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Giving to Habitat

Skyrocketing building material prices, limited volunteers, rising unemployment, and more families searching for affordable housing; we need your support more than ever. We hope this appeal inspires you to give today to make housing equality in Santa Fe a reality.

Everyone Deserves a Home

Amber Prada was out of options. As a single mom in need of housing, her options were to rent a cramped trailer or move in with her parents. Unable to qualify for a traditional home loan, she looked into Santa Fe Habitat’s homeownership program. But Amber felt the requirements were too rigorous since she was pregnant. Although discouraged, Habitat still lingered in the back of her mind and a few years later she was ready to apply. “I felt God leading me back and I wanted to give it my best try,” said Amber. In 2017, she successfully qualified to become a Partner Family.

It took a village to complete the homeowner requirements. Her family pitched in to babysit or swing a hammer to help Amber with Sweat Equity hours. She witnessed the love, time, and skill volunteers pour into constructing Habitat homes, all while acquiring valuable homeowner skills and building a community among neighbors. In July of 2018 she closed on her home, “It was very emotional moving in. To be a single mom, you feel a weight to provide everything your kids need. I remember looking for houses, feeling defeated. Being in this program paved us a path of stability.”

Now, Amber has a safe and affordable home that gives her the financial means to lead a fulfilling life for her family of four. She no longer has to choose between rent and a car payment. If her girls want to play sports, she has the ‘wiggle room’ to sign them up for softball, volleyball, and even ballet. Her home is filled with love, straight down to the studs signed with messages by friends and family. She cherishes the Bible and hammer she received at her home dedication. “I’m blessed and grateful to have been part of the program.”

We thank Amber for sharing her story and are proud to see her family thriving in their Habitat home.

Building Homes, Building Hope

Safe, secure, and affordable housing is the foundation for a healthy family and healthy community. Let’s build the community we want to see– one where families don’t have to worry about leaky pipes, lack of heat, or piling on top of each other in a single, overpriced bedroom. – Santa Fe Habitat for Humanity

Challenges We Face

  • The price of building materials has nearly doubled and in some cases, tripled since the COVID-19 outbreak. (1)
  • In Santa Fe, more than 6,000 households are paying more than half their income on rent, leaving little else for basic needs like food and medicine. (2)
  • 53% of Santa Fe’s workforce live outside of the city of Santa Fe, contributing to a loss of over $300 million in our city’s economy each year. (3)

*(1) Santa Fe Habitat Financial Data. (2-3) Advancing Affordable Housing and Livable Neighborhoods Advisory Group Data, 2018.

New Mexico Affordable Housing Tax Credits

How these tax credits can work for you! Donate $500 or more to Santa Fe Habitat & receive a tax credit voucher equal to 50% of your total donations!

Santa Fe Habitat has been awarded charitable state tax credits equal to 50% of the value of donations for affordable housing projects approved by the New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority. With these tax credits, you will receive 50% of your donation back in the form of a tax credit from the State of New Mexico. You can use this credit with personal and corporate income taxes, sales tax, gross receipts tax, and/or other state tax debt for 2020.

Here’s how it works…

Santa Fe Habitat requires a minimum donation of $500 or more to be eligible for this program. You will receive a tax credit voucher equal to 50% of your total donation(s) for the year. In addition, you may be able to claim a charitable deduction on your federal tax return for the full contribution amount. For more information on our Tax Credit program, please call Marilyn Perryman at (505) 986-5880, ext. 105.

Click here for more info about these tax credits.

Who are Habitat Homeowners?

Partner Family Qualifications:

  • In need of affordable housing
  • Financially able to pay mortgage
  • Live/work in Santa Fe County for over 1 year
  • Willing to fulfill partnership agreement

Our program is based on need – serving those in the most dire housing conditions. Partner families earn between 30-80% of the Area Median Income of Santa Fe and typically come from overcrowded, overpriced, and unsafe housing. Families must complete up to 500 hours of sweat equity in building their own home and take finance courses about homeownership. Then they sign a 0% interest, 30-year mortgage. Our families work hard to achieve this well-deserved Habitat goal and embody the motto: Not getting a handout, but a hand-up!

89% of donations go straight to support Partner Families.

To learn more, please reach out to our Director of Volunteer & Family Services, Kaleb McCain at (505) 986-5880, ext. 102.

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