Santa Fe Habitat is thrilled to announce that we received a grant allowing us to build two homes with cutting edge Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) technologies. 

This grant is made possible by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association’s Build with Strength Coalition partnering with Habitat for Humanity International. Build With Strength is donating concrete for the construction of Habitat homes across the country, and we are one of 16 locations involved in this partnership. A special thanks to Habitat for Humanity International, National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, Build With Strength, Insulating Concrete Forms Manufacturers Association, BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Forms, Espanola Transit Mix, Chavez Concrete Pumping, and the American Concrete Pumping Association for collaborating to help us build two strong, sustainable homes for families in our homeownership program.

A special thanks to Espanola Transit Mix LLC for donating concrete, BuildBlock for donating the ICF material to go into these Partner Family homes, and the Chavez Concrete Contractors, Inc. for donating their concrete pumping services. 

These homes in Oshara Village will utilize ICF walls instead of wooden exterior walls. Especially with the skyrocketing cost of lumber, this is a welcome technology that stacks together durable foam forms filled with concrete to create a resilient, sustainable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective wall. This project will mark Santa Fe Habitat’s first divergence from traditional wood-frame construction. 

In alignment with our green building initiative and Net Zero Energy commitment, ICF construction offers energy-efficient and lasting concrete cores, low waste production, and a green material that retains a high insulation quality over time. We hope this product will be a huge success for our home-building model.