For this article series, we interviewed Santa Fe Habitat Families years after moving into their affordable homes to see where they are now and the impact homeownership has made in their lives!  

Our team enjoyed catching up with Corrina Lovato. For over 15 years, Corrina and her two daughters have lived in their home built in partnership with our nonprofit organization.

Looking back, Corrina holds the experience of helping build her own home from the ground up, close to her heart. Now a distant memory, she fondly remembers learning how to do electrical wiring and installing solar panels. Owning a home has provided a sanctuary for Corrina and her daughters to thrive over the years. With the financial stability that comes with affordable homeownership, Corrina invested in her daughters’ hobbies, including cheerleading, soccer, and dance. She said, “little things like being able to host sleepovers with the girls changed our lives, because our mobile home was way too small for that.”

Corrina acknowledged the challenges of working full time as a single mom and hammering out her load of sweat equity hours. She said, “in the end, it’s all worth it.” As a single mother, Corrina worked tirelessly to provide for her daughters. After 29 years of working primarily as an employee of Santa Fe Public Schools, Corrina is now able to enjoy her retirement in Santa Fe.

Corrina is proud that the fruits of her labors provided an enriching space for her daughters to go on and find their passions in life. One of her daughters just graduated from college at the University of New Mexico and is going on to get a degree in nursing. And the other is just beginning college – leaving Corrina as an empty nester.

Corrina looks back on tough living conditions prior to partnering with Santa Fe Habitat like it was a dream. “I almost lost my home twice. I worked three jobs at a time while raising the girls. We were all living in a 16 x 72 ft. trailer and shared a bedroom. Everything feels easier now. I love my home… We made it through,” said Corrina.

Santa Fe Habitat is proud to see graduated Partner Families like the Lovatos completing their zero interest mortgage payments, investing in education and enrichment for their families, watching their children grow up in safe homes, and retiring after a life of hard work and dedication to bettering their lives.

We send our best to the Lovato Family and many congratulations on all their accomplishments.

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